Overlap Fencing

Overlap fencing
Overlap back

The strength of these Overlap fences is assured.

They have 6 battens running vertically supporting the construction. Fencing such as this gives privacy and strength.

This robust panel is built on site from wood cut at our sawmill in Taunton, During construction particular attention is given to the continuity of pattern, assembling the slats in the order they are cut. This attention to detail gives an attractive, even and pleasing appearance.

Our panels are constructed with the following components:

  • 60 x 25 Capping Rails

  • 38 x 25 Counter rail

  • 38 x 20 Vertical Battens

  • 60 x 25 Gravel Board

  • 4.5mm thick overlap slats with a 25 mm overlap

(Minimum of 20 slats on a 6ft high panel.)

Overlap fencing

High quality with 6 battens

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